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ing my best to work around the cries, and Cary would have to sneak up and do her parts when the baby was asleep. Its a funny thing trying to make a rock n roll record with a sleeping baby in the house.Hearst adds, As we were finishing the record and making the final decisions about what to include in it, our good friend Eric was killed here in town. We ended up dedicating the record to his memory. The beginning of This Ride is actually Erics mother telling the true story of how he had been born in the back of a police car. With her blessing, we added that to frame This Ride.Invisible Man and Mourning Song, were directly inspired by the debilitating illness faced by Trents father. Hearst says of the former song, The disease is preventing him from being able to mentally wrap his mind around it. I wanted to speak for him. I wanted to express what it would be like for a man like him, a capable, funny dude. I wanted to put that in an up-tempo pop song, because its always interesting for dark material to be presented that way.Of Mourning Song, Trent says, I was envisioning what it was going to be like for my mother after he wasnt around anymore. Its weird, maybe, to write a song about the death of your father who hasnt died yet. It seemed like something he would do write a tune to comfort my mother after hes gone.The hushed, moving spoken word BWYR, a song of unity at a time when some try to divide, is torn from an event close to home: the mass shootings at Charlestons Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June 2015.The night we heard about it, we were in Denver and approaching the end of touring while pregnant, which was pretty intense, Trent says. We flew to Chicago, our show was cancelled it was rained out and we were stuck in the hotel, and thats where it was written. We were talking to our friends and texting, and we wanted to be home so bad, to be with our people. These mass shootings seemed to be happening every weekend, and the thought of bringing a child
  • Start:March 09, 2018
  • End:March 09, 2018
  • Recurring
  • Where:Boulder Theater, 2032 14th Street, Boulder, Colorado, United States, 80302
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